Custom Filters using Nodes

Today I had an idea. Why not render the Camera view to a texture, run that texture through a node material to make cool GLSL Filter effects! :eyebrowlift:

So far there are a few kinks to work out, but I thought I would upload the blend for you guys to test out and post ideas.

I just had the idea like 10 minutes ago so there might be extra textures or materials, unnamed stuff, etc.


Only 2 screens till I get started, this is just using the Hue and saturation node:

I downloaded the blend, and it sounds like a good idea. The only possible problem would be a loss of fidelity since the texture that you’re rendering to generally is quite a bit smaller than the screen window size. How big is the video texture rendering size, if you don’t mind me asking? The default is 512x512, I think.

Actually, I couldn’t find a way to change the rendering texture size. Changing the size of the texture it renders to doesn’t seem to do anything, and I cant find anyway to change it in the videoTexture module.

Do you have any ideas?

Yeah, you can change the size of the texture through the source object’s capsize property. i.e.

obj[‘texture’].source.capsize = [256, 256]

I believe the capsize can only be powers of 2, and it defaults to 512x512.

Nice idea! As a newbie of the related tech, I do think it is feasible! Hope lucky!

This looks like an incredibly awesome idea, wish you luck with it!