custom GE build


current CVS 10/30/2005 (2.40 alpha)

Lagan patch:

  • splitscreen
  • double sided lightning
  • fixed alpha
  • Ambient lighing
  • Append scene actuator
  • Unappend scene actuator
  • getPropertyList()
    (had to change one line to get it to compile)

Bullet and Sumo physics engines enabled.

some demo blends to test the new features.

patch file included.

get it here

This is my first time building blender. but I would like to get all patches and fixes together in one build. dreamkatana 2.37b ultimate has alot of nice fixes. Does anyone have that patch? there was also a build that had alot of the material buttons and multi-texture in the game engine. does any one have a patch for that.

The game engine is still my favorite feature. I also am very impressed by the crystal blend project.

Late 8)

This is awesome, too bad I’m at my work and return home tomorrow. But defently I wanna try this build. :smiley:

I wonder what de bullet physics can do right now. Hehe thanks Sharky_151 :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job!!! I tried the build and I like it! Think I’ll use it! Also, if people aren’t responding to your post, it’s because they’re too busy using your build!


Hey, I was wondering if bullet physics actually changes real-time physics in any way, and if so, how are they different? Or, is bullet physics simply to record to IPO??? Just wondering, 'cause I tried a file in both 2.37a and your build and the physics acted identical. Thanks!


i cant download, i tried yesterday and i couldnt download too

Works fine for me, don’t see what your problem is.
As for the different physics, just try to stack a bunch of boxes in 2.37(anything) and you will see that they fall and jingle and shake in wierd ways. Not so in bullet physics.

this is the Elysiun post where Snailrose has implemented multitexturing into the Blender Game Engine

Could someone mail Snailrose and ask him for the patch?

I should have some free time in work some and would like to model/code a demo to highlight all these cool features.

you can also download 2.37b from here

extra features include

  • Resolution Switching in L{Rasterizer}
  • Latest cvs build
  • Mouse Over fixed
  • Movie Player Actuator
  • Hello World Actuator
  • PhysicsTicRate fixed

I already found some problems in this build. Be sure to back up your blends before playing around with this build. I’m still very much a rookie at this. dreamkatana’s 2.37b ultimate build is probably the most feature rich/stable.

But i hope you enjoy playing around with it anyway. matthewsjc1 you must enable bullet physic’s in the matterial/world buttons. same goes for the ambient light color.

check back for new builds/updates

Late 8)

Hi all, as I said in older post’s, my work and the university is taking all the time that I use to spend in Blender Modifications so I’m a little away from everything that is going on in the cvs and I do not have time to merge it and make a patch.

I released a patch some time ago, but if you want to use it, you will need compare line by line and remove the Physic changes and other’s stuff, and include new .cpp files for the actuators. Erwin is having trouble with this too.

I will only have time to restart my work on Blender in the next year, but if you guys need some help about my patch, just send me an email.

[email protected]


Snailrose has posted his multitexturing patch online
be warned, its very sloppy and has alot of redundant code.
I’m slowly cleaning it up so its more patch friendly’

now I have to make time for a demo which shows off these features

I think I found a bug maybe. If not, could someone please look at it to see if they can fix it, 'cause I can’t seem too. I’m not very good at python yet. It’s just a setup for mouse moves camera control (i.e. FPS), but when you switch on the bullet physics, the left and right are switched. I can fix that by changing the camera’s property from +180 to -180, but then the up and down are switched! ahhh! It’s very annoying. I love the bullet physics, but this problem is making it hard to get anything done in FPS. If you can figure it out, please let me know, so I can use this setup. Thank you! BTW, I didn’t write this script, so that’s why I can’t fix it. Thanx a million!

Here’s the blend file:


Thanks for finding those patches. Erwin Coumans (Bullet Physics Creator) sent me an email. with the patches and a description of the problems he had integrating them. I’m very excited about toughly dissecting them so they work with current CVS.(its going to take some time thought)

matthewsjc1 -
I was making some nice progress on a FPS game of my own. So i’ll also have to write a new script for Bullet. When i do i’ll be sure to get it to you.

Late 8)

Actually, someone helped me getting it to work. Simply added a negative value before the left and right equations and then it worked in bullet. Thanks! I still would like to see your script though… Thanks.


WTH? I cant download it… I can only get 5 kb and then it says the dl is done cries I want it too!!! now I have ONE version with added LAgan scripts… how do I use splitscreen? :slight_smile: and ambient lighting? what about append/unappend, what do they do?

:frowning: Ok, I’m getting the same problem too. What gives?

Can anyone else upload the build on something like a private server or something? dreamkatana would you mind hosting it, since both of us can’t seem to get it. I assume everyone else after Hirpo’s post can’t get it either…

Jason Lin

It must have got deleted. here is alpha2 with the same patch.

late 8)

I decided to create a realtime ‘Mouse Trap’ game in an attempt to test and show off all the new features. The modelling is almost done just a couple more evenings to go. Here is a work in progress screenshot.

Would anyone be interested in helping out? It’s a small project which means it has a greater chance of being completed. I’ll upload the blend if anyone is interested.


That mouse trap looks very cool. I’ve just signed up for an account at (pending approval). The builds I’ve uploaded lack, functionality because of the blistering speed the blender project is moving at. Last night I’ve build 2.37a with the 2.34 GE, just to have something “fun” to play with while we wait for the pro’s to finish the really cool projects like bullet and crystal blend.

This is just my humble opinion, but I think the fixed time step introduced in 2.35 was a bad decision, While it does accomplish what it was meant too (Set timing for the game, and it also allows, some blender game’s to run on lower hardware) . It creates jerky motion, which is unacceptable. A python method to revert back to the old timing would be cool. I’ll post the 2.37a build as soon as/if my account is approved.

late 8)

Done, your account is now approved of course :smiley:

BTW, do you compile in cygwin or what?