Custom Golf Ball

Looking for a realistic golf ball with the Octahedral shapes instead of the traditional dimples. I have a photo reference. the circle dimples are traditional depth circular dimples. The Octahedral shapes will be filled and have the same depth as the circular dimples. Not sure if any of this is possible. I just need a 3d reference for the manufacturer.


Hello, how will it be manufactured? Will it be 3D-printed?
If I understand correctly, the octahedral shapes won’t be holes, but just dimples? And the circles have to be dimples too?

Its going to be manufactured as a real golf ball. And yes dimples.

I cant reply for another 15 hours i guess lol but yes in your message. I added the dots for the circles.

Is this still open?

I did a bunch of images for him and then asked him about money and he never replied


Thanks for the info.

Same but he indeed payed me 30 in advance from 80 and then never replied again for i deliver the file and and send me the last part of the payment :confused:

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Years of doing freelance, you get a sense of a client from the start.