Custom Guitar

First try at a guitar. i drew it at school and decided to model it. I would really like some tips on how to continiue.


Too early for Focused Critique so moved to WIP.


doesnt look too custom…looks alot liek a gibson explorer not exactly but similar

Yeah, yeah. it’s allmost impossible to make a guitar that doesn’t look like another one. their not that alike.

thats pretty nice, i speically like the A at the bottom, nice touch.

is that toggle/ switch for the pick ups? if so i think it might be easier below the pickups so the player can easily switch on the fly.

or maybe it could be used like a wammy (right?) bar but it makes diffrent pitch/ distoration noise depending wich way you push it :stuck_out_tongue:

keep up the good work, hope to see some nice IBL renders of it.

p.s. can you post a wire please

The pickup switch is the same position as on a les paul guitar.

here is an updated version and a wire:D


what render setting are you using?

if your not using these, you could give em a try.

AO on 6 (default), AA filter (cat-rom), 2 lights, one low powered sun light with shadows next to camera (faded orange), another lamp (hemi) pointing towards the guitar from the right hand side with a low power setting and a blue/ purple colour

nice wires by the way, im looking forward to more updates :slight_smile:

Thanks:) i’ll try those settings

Update (Need some help on how to do the neck)


lookes good…body looks bit thin but nice work so far

Update, yay!


great modeling!
nothing to critics :wink: