custom icon

How do you make a custon icon without downloading anything?

rename a .bmp file to .ico

If you plan to play with ico files, its worth your time to download png2ico. Its a great little utility which I have found to be more useful than anything else out on the web. Get it at

This way you can make multi-resolution/multi-color icons, and use your favorite graphics software to do it.

If all you want to do is create a favicon.ico file (16 x 16), then disregard.

Hope this helps.

The GIMP can make ico files - just save as whatever.ico.

If you want to have a multi-image ico file (usually a 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48, which is used depends on where it’s used - 16x16 in Small Icons/List/Details mode in explorer, title bars, etc; 32x32 in Large Icons mode, and 48x48 in Tiles mode in WinXP) make each icon a separate layer of the appropriate size.

Converting to Indexed before saving is a good idea.

If you truly don’t want to download anything you’re out of luck, since nothing that comes with windows can be used to make icon files, unless you want to create the file by hand in Notepad or something, reading the file format from a spec off the web and typing up the binary data.

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Just download this:

You’ll be glad you did, trust me. And it can save .cur files too, so not only can you make your own icons, you can make your own cursors as well.

You don’t need a fast connection, either, it’s only 360 KB.