Custom importer script for game environment/level mesh needed

Importer/script needed:

We need an importer that allows to import one big mesh with materials
and the like into blender.
We can control the file format, so it could be ascii text or binary, we
can also control the data we write out for materials in order to ease
the task.

The goal is to import that mesh, then use blender to create UV
unwrapping for a lightmap, bake lights into a map (or vertex colors),
then grab that color information with a tool outside of blender.

The data we provide is a complete level of a game, all individual meshes
welded together into a big one.

We provide a vertex array and face information including vertex index,
uv coords and individual normals.

The biggest problem is that we don’t have any native blender information
on the normals (smooth or sharp edges), we just have the resulting
normals. We could potentially pre-process this information in sharp /
smooth edge information and store it in the file if we know how this is
required for blender - but right now we don’t understand how blender
handles that.

Any help - from full importer script to explanation how we need to do it
(we can do blender scripts, but the api is massive and mostly just a
reference) greatly appreciated.

For further details feel free to contact me.

Daniel Amend [Unit4Games]

Message sent.