Custom Karman Ghia

Hi, i’m working on a special version of an old car build in Osnabrück (where i was born)

but i can’t decide with version is better…

and what do you think about the presentation?


You know what would be a better background?

A dirty old garage,
It’s a great contrast between the shiny, slick and beautiful exterior of the car,

In the background you could have a dirty tool box, an old light bulb and an old movie poster of citizen kane or something

That would make the viewers more appreciative of the car and would seem even more appealing.

In terms of background, i have to agree with fdfxd … it’s way to clean and nice … and my facovrite Verison is the bottom one. And since i can’t quite explain it in english, i’ll try german, since you are from Osnabrück. ^^
Ja … also ich finde die zweite Variante besser, weil sie besser zum Zeitlosen eines Oldtimers passt. Zwar sieht die Renn-Version etwas peppiger aus, aber das untere hat einfach signifikant mehr Klasse. Auch, wenn man zugeben muss, dass de Formen des Wagens wahrscheinlich ursprünglich eher Sportliuch aussehen sollten. Naja … aber das ist eh persönliche Präferenz.
Übrigens könnte ich mir als Hiutnergrund auch gut eine Savanne/Wüste vorstellen … irgendwas, was dein Auto schön hervorhebt und nach Möglichkeit einen Kontrast bildet … insbesondere die silberne Variante verschiendet sozusagen vorm Hintergrund…

I miss the subtle reflection on the car.

Like this for example:

heh im going against everyone so far… but i like the background image. and i think the grey color looks beautiful. looks like a dull pearlesence paintjob. however i do think the red paint should have a stronger reflectivity.

negatives i do see are.

the wheels need more detail. the tread doesn’t blend very well with the sidewalls also the sidewalls have 0 detail.

the leather on the seats needs scaled down and the normal map is too strong.

Hi, thanks

i’ll try to find a studio setup (garage?) (but outdoor renderings are so fast: 8min/gtx 660 /3000X1800)
the wheels just now have a bump for the profile, i will change them
i want the car-paint not so glossy -closer to the aluminium style like the ‘silberpfeile’ (silverarrows?) but with a clearcoat

some tests

I like the background image too. Not much I can say about this image. It’s pretty spot on. One thing is that the shadows fall ever so slightly towards the camera in the BG image. You’re lighting is setup in front of the car so the shadows fall away from the car. To me it looks like the shadows should fall towards us instead. It’s pretty subtle though… I’m not even sure if I’m right about that…

Yeah something is off in the lighting so the backdrop image looks fake. The lower left one in the last image is the best in my opinion. The car itself seems very well made.

so here i made a test for a garage situation, the wooden parts still need some work

The ground would look better if you added a diffuse map or something to see the bumps come out. The back window with the frost is amazing.

here is a new version with volumetric light (the last one was done with the beam-node in compositor)

rendertimes are quite high, branched pathtracing is not working on gpu (seems it needs much more ram than pure pathtracing)
2 layers, each needs about 2h
comments are welcome

Now you’re getting there…

but something about this feels… CG…

As it is now it’s good enough to be on the top bar but there’s something missing… maybe add some dust particles or cobwebs,

or change the flooring to distinguish the garage from the outside

But so far so good.

If I am allowed a very direct comment, I’d say get rid of the dog.
It feels out of place and messes with the realism of the whole image.

or change the flooring to distinguish the garage from the outside

I agree. The paving stones could also use some displacement, as they seem a little flat.

I like it some hard edges on the support beam but hey

I have done some photshopping on how I think it could be better. But this is just my opinion:

I would stick with outdoor scenes, they are perfect. And then I would move on something else.
But it depends what you want to achieve. If you want to show pure beauty of the car in maybe boring catalogue scene (my preference), or to contrive some scene with IMHO unnecessary “story”.:wink:

@fdfxd: added some cobwebs and more details
@ToshiCG: no more dogs… :slight_smile:
@bigbad: i’ve done some colorcorrection and a little bit of chromatic aberration.

@lasseIV: i think it’s good to have a minimum of story or joke in an image, but for a presentation of a car it might be overdosed…

about CG feeling: i’m still struggling with cycles, it’s difficult to find the balance between different light types, in the past i took yafaray(photonmapping) for everything.

no volumetric light here: