Custom keymap : set the perfect left mouse selection style just like other 3d application

I want to customize blender keymap to bahave just like any other app. But can’t never get the perfect key as i want. Is there anyone here who came from other 3d packages and have successfully setup the keymap?

Here’s the example in shader editor (node editor) :

  • LMB click and LMB click and drag on empty space : it should desellect any selected nodes.

  • LMB click a node : it should select that node.

  • LMB click on empty space and drag across multiple nodes will select those nodes.

  • LMB click and drag a node : it will select and translate/move the node. But not just the node i clicked but all the currently selected nodes. (<-- i never get this right). Right now if there are 3 nodes selected and i click and drag one of those nodes, it will deselect the other 2 nodes and only move that single node only.

Yes, of course i can use ‘G’ to move them all together… but such a slow workflow. i want to do fast select and move just using mouse or wacom.

Anyone can help ? Thanks

If you have your nodes all selected you want to move around just click and drag with your mouse in an open area (not over a node) then all selected nodes will move with the mouse. I also don’t really see what is so slow about unselecting nodes by just pressing “A” . There is also the “C” for circle select that will allow you to drag over the nodes you want selected then just right click and drag them where you want them to go. You can click also and box drag select the nodes you want selected as well without needing a keyboard shortcut key.