Custom Lamborghini

Hey guys!
This is my first upload here on Blenderartists, I hope you like it! This is a combination of the Lamborghini Murcielago, Aventador and a bit of my own imagination :slightly_smiling_face:.


Without the typical side air intake inherited from the Diablo it looks strange, and you won’t be able to cool the engine without radiators :nerd_face:

The thing I would probably change are the tyres, a sidewall that high is not what you’d expect from this kind of cars.

Check if the the wheel has the correct size:

At the tyre manufacturer website (Pirelli), the P Zero Rosso (notice the red mark) has these measurements.

It needs more balance in the forms, especially the rear, take a look also at the other Gandini’s designed cars, like the Bugatti EB110 or the Cizeta V16T for inspiration.

You’re absolutely right, thanks!