Custom Link

Hi everyone, I’m new to Blender! I’m creating a custom Link, hopefully for some sort of fan game someday. Here are a few pics. I know they’re terrible, but I really don’t know how to use lighting or the cameras yet…

The colors of his tunic and undershirt may change. Although, in the program the colors are darker and better. I know it’s the lighting affecting them.

Could anyone point me to a good texturing guide? I’ve used YouTube but it’s not too helpful with that subject. Thank you!

Hiya JabuJabule.
He’s looking good especially with you being new to Blender. Thumbs Up.

Texturing is something I have no real experience with but the tutorial I followed to make a low poly character has a section on it. Know you said YT hasn’t been helpful but Sebastian Lague goes over the basics of texturing in a sort of step by step manner in his character creation guide. It’s an intermediate tutorial as a whole but he explains the basics of texturing. Sorry if that wasn’t helpful but as far as moral support goes I am rooting for ya and look forward to your progress, so good luck! :yes: