(Custom-made)Mazda 6 VX

This is my latest project

Custom-made mazda 6 (with some small upgrades;))
and street racing is still the theme…:slight_smile:

i hope you like it:

(click on image for higher res version)

Some wires:
Wire 1
Wire 2

Oh… and if someone wonders what the vx stands for, then v is for V6 engine and X stands for Xtreme… ;):slight_smile:

You kept the fire!

Anyway, I think its a very clean model with a nice colour scheme and upgrades.
Definitely worthy of a need for speed game!

Have you thought of using it in a game?

Very very nice, Its got a very clean and sleek look to it. The wheels look almost photoreal, the chrome texturing is sweet. though it seems almost cartoonish overall, so the wheels stand out a bit. Now, if there were only a way to some how render it into reality for… free?

Very nice! The wheels are great, but I think the black half of the car could do with a little more reflection.

Tnx for replay… :cool:

heh… it needs drastic reduce of polys then…
and low-poly modeling isnt my strong side, but it should look good in game…:rolleyes:

but this car is basically ready for animation;)


Ha sweet mode, but the paint doesnt look quite glossy enough…
But still amazing.
5 *s

Woauhwww! Dude. Did you use the new sculpt mode for that? It’s awesome. (JK) Very nice, and I like the flames. Maybe coming out from under a dark bridge with tires smoking would be good too. :slight_smile:

well I’m sorry. But considering you had a 5star rating for this. I do need to express myself.

The model is great, no question on that.
Altho, the lighting definitly need some work.

Don’t take this wrong, it’s really great render…but when I see a 5stars rating for this, I do ask myself question. This is not a “perfect” render as a 5star rating would make you believe.

The lighting seems to be a simple sun lamp. It is, in no way, making the model look as good as it should be.

Maybe it’s just me, but a 5star rating should be attributed to a render that is excellent in every possible way (lighting, texturing, modelling, compositing, etc.) and this, in my opinion (I might be the only one…) fails completly in the lighting category. The texturing does work, but it’s nothing impressive but I guess it’s a car paintjob so it’s hard to make it stand out as totally awesome so I won’t take this into account.

But well, I don’t want to offend you…just that sometimes I find that the rating are a bit abusive on some stuff.

On a personnal note, I would have liked to see more details on the front end of the car. The area under the grill looks very empty imho. Some others grills or maybe some more paintjob work over there would have helped.

I tend to agree with what Ecks has said above. Again, not taking anything away from the model, it is very nice and well done. But I agree, the lighting is off.

Also, the car seems to be sitting way too high for a mod. I would think that it would be lowered and a little more sleek looking than it currently is.

Nice work though.


i think the windows need some work. they look like plastic and not “window-ey” enough. the tires are awesome. rims look good. the head lights need work as well. they’re not deep enough. not volume to them. keep up the good work.


Sorry but i totally agree with these too…but great model and love the flames…:smiley:

Great model dude.
I love the wheels!!!

Some Crits: I think that the black paint could have more reflection.
This part of the car needs an edged loop:

Very nice! I don’t even know how to make a car… maybe if someone here could teach me…? i would be very happy… :slight_smile:

okay, so did you start with a


, or did you

extrude from a plane

, or did you extrude from a


? And whatever you did, did you also use the


? Just wondering, because I have found making cars in blender a real perplexing difficulty.

Hey Nick, what does


stand for? just wondering if that’s where you live or if it’s something else.