Custom model and texture question

I would like to model another Sonic on my own some day. I was wondering how does one get the textures and colors in the example pictures below? I have seen fans replicate it but no one shares how and there are no videos available to my knowledge.

I want to model the Sonic seen in high quality CGI scenes, not the low rendered models used in Gmod. Is it possible to render something on your own similar to the pictures below and use the same coloring? If so how does one do it?

when looking for tutorials, NEVER look for something very specific, if you look for a video on how to texture a sonic model in blender, you wont find anything, however, search something fundamental like “Polypainting in blender”, or “Texturing in blender”, or “Changing polygon colours in blender”, you are sure to find a ton of videos on it, and what they do, you can also apply to your model.

““I want to model the Sonic seen in high quality CGI scenes, not the low rendered models used in Gmod.””

just a little warning, dont have too high expectations, you should not try to make something “amazing” for the first year, you have to go through a TON of fundamentals before you even get remotely close to anything good.
[FONT=sans-serif]its just not worth spending too much time on renders at your current stage.

  • you might be offended now, but take what i just said seriously, and you will thank me a year in the future. CGI, 3D and animations is extremely comlpicated, you wont learn it over night. even when you think you know it, theirs still a LOT for you to learn. for me, ive done this for 5 years, and ive still barely scratched the surface.

I’m not offended, people have been rude, you are not rude at all! You are being honest and helpful so thank you.

Edit: What do you recommend to help get me started? I plan on doing some of Andew Price tutorials on Bread, making planet Earth etc But to be honest I don’t see how that will help me in the long run if my goal is to make Sonic the hedgehog? How can I progress when there is little to none tutorials on Sonic?

Considering your interest, look for character modeling tutorials.

there is a steep learning curve with the latest blender build
with all the new tools and addons not easy to learn things !

so take your time start with basics things and practice a lot ++
then your brain will learn all the little tricks and it will get easier with time

happy bl

As someone else new to texturing, I agree… keep your searches to texture painting or UV mapping without specifically searching “Sonic”. I just spent half a day on UV mapping tutorials. There is a lot to it, but this model seems like it wouldn’t be so bad once it’s mapped out. Solid colors make me happy! Someone else correct me if I’m wrong, but could you group each of the parts and assign a solid-color material for each?

Essentially yes, the sonic example can be done entirely with shaders and procedural texture for the eyes. no need to do any texture painting for that style.

I did see part of a series on YouTube on how to model a Minion (from the movie Despicable Me) which should cover the skills you need to model characters on your own. The art style is similar to Sonic, big shapes and flat colours, so should be a good starting point.