Custom Modifier - How does MeshMachine do it?

Hey everyone! I was wondering how to create a custom modifier.

All the information I’ve found from googling says it’s impossible without recompiling Blender, as modifiers are written in C, but MeshMachine is a plugin (I think) and it relies almost entirely on custom modifiers (I think), so does anyone know how they did it?

I do not have MM. What is your proof that the devs implemented their own modifiers in Python? Maybe they used CPython to access custom dlls?

The Blender modifiers need to be implemented in the source tree. Basically you need to patch Blender source code to implement one. I am saying it because that is what I had to do for such thing back then.

Hmmm… looking closer at the videos (for HardOps, I had the tool wrong), it looks like they’re controlling the standard group of modifiers, not making their own.

Ah well.

They are naming the modifiers as they are added in the tree so that they can be differentiated from the ones you already have added, and keep them from having generic names.

Are you sure they’re not just using the labels ?

I am talking about the Name in the top of the modifier, like BTool_Cube, etc. That is different than the default Boolean modifier name. Is that what you mean?

A definition of a good addon is not necessarily that they make their own modifiers. Most addons are written in Python and some can be very good even when they use the build in modifiers.

Here my definition of a bad addon:

  • Python code is just a bunch of code-lines that execute what a user in blender usually do executing from top to bottom. (I know for example that there is an addon sold many times that does this.)

Definition of a good addons:

  • (Lot of) python code with classes, algorithms, decision flows feels like the addon adds some magic. (Besides a good UI, concept etc). Some top examples: MeshMachine (especially plugs), Auto Rig-pro. There are loads of other good addons.

So what you are looking for is not perse an addon with it’s own modifier, but written well with algorithms and decision making.