Custom MP3 Player

So this is my first “serious” render to post here, and hopefully not my last.
I had a simple idea of a MP3 Player. I didn’t want to make something to big and I wanted to improve my skills a little better. And this was the result.

Please click to get a better view.
I will post some more renders from different views in a while. I used Blender to render this and all the touch ups are from Photoshop. Tell me what you think. All input very much appreciated.

Looks good for a non textured model.

The main problem I see is the ribbing on the bottlm edge of the screen, which looks like it comes from triangles near the controls.


I thought about adding a texture to it, but then I remembered my past expriences with texturing, which weren’t good. I still need to learn how to texture right, I know for sure I’m not doing it right. And you right about the “ribbing” on the MP3, that happened when I cut the hole into the mesh for the control button. I’ll show a wire frame tomorrow. But for now, here are some other views:

I figgured that is where the ‘ribbing’ came from.

I guess the easiest way to get something like this to look better is to apply a separate procedural material to the different parts of the mesh.


it looks like you just need to add either another loop cut near that screen or add another subsurf…
it looks like when you use set smooth on a low - poly object.
but yeah, it’s pretty good.
Ambient occlusion set to add can help when just showing models, as it lights the whole scene and looks quite nice [kinda like a clay render]

Hmm… Well thats some things to think about. I’m trying to think of another simple model, I’m looking forward to messing with the lighting, and hopefully a texture. I just really need to learn some more of the basics.

Great, keep us posted on your feuture projects. :slight_smile:


Oh I will. I’m messing around with UV maps and I don’t really think its all that hard. I made a new MP3 player, since this one had some mess-ups on the modeling. But I’m working with the texture for it right now and hopefully it turns out well.
BTW here is a preview ,I guess to say, of the new model with some of the texture on. The texture so far is very simple and most certainly not complex. The pause and play button are indented, if you are wondering why the buttons are sinking in.

Sorry if I bumped my own thread, for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to edit my last post?
I finished texturing my updated model of the MP3. Here is a render of it!

So, tell me what you think.{btw this is my first texture I have ever done}

I doubt you want to call this finished in its current state. Push yourself harder, get inspired by google searches for product concept render. You will find mountains of excellent examples. Take this to the works in progress section, if you really want this to go anywhere.

I’ll take your advice then, I started to think about that once I posted the “preview” of the texture, I thought, “If I’m just showing them previews, this doesn’t belong here.” Now my problem is, how do I move this thread? If you can’t then I guess I just delete it and start a new one?

It is looking better,

The textures look like they are done properly, though they could be improved for looking more realistic.

The moddeling looks a little better as well.

The one thing that throws me off about the render is the tilted forward nature of the player makes it look un ballenced.


The tilting you see is actually just the camera angle. And I was thinking about how to make it look more realistic, but I just can’t get an image in my head of a home screen. I might just make it to where its just turned off? I’m not sure. I’ll work with it and see what I can come up with. Any sugestions are greatly appreciated.

I would start by working in Inkscape, as you can easily modify anything you create in it. Then just experimentation is the only thing I can suggest.