Custom nodes, connect several nodes into one socket

Hello there,
I’m trying to let the user connect mutiple nodes into one socket.
Something like this :

I saw that we can do this by code when connecting two nodes :
new( input, output, verify_limits=False )

However I would like to let the user make the connections by hand.

I tried change my customSocket with “link_limit = None”. But it does’nt work :confused:

Thanks for any help,

When you define your sockets or when you create the input sockets in your node, set their link_limit to something different than 1 (0 means no limit).

class MyNode(Node, MyNodeTree):
    #[... bl_stuff...]
    def init(self, context):
         inputx ='YourSocketType', 'inputx')
         inputx.link_limit = 0
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