Custom Particle Explosion animation

Hey guys,

I don’t post here often, so I’m not sure if this is the right section or not, but I had a question about designing a particle system with physics in Blender. Essentially I want a particle system that emits chunks of concrete upward in various/random directions which then are pulled down by gravity and realistically bounce off the ground or a floor plane. Think an explosion of concrete. Similar to this. (Put your cursor over the image on right)

I have been using blender for a while, though I created the chunks of concrete in Cinema 4d then moved them to Blender. I have done very little particle system work, but I have a general knowledge on how to set them up. So, do I need to make the chunk of concrete a domain as well as the floor plane? And how do I make particles explode up and crash down relaistically? Could someone maybe point me toward a tutorial on the matter? :slight_smile: