Custom PC Blender 2.9

Hey there!

I’m a mac user and thinking of getting a PC for blender. Can anyone recommend a site for building PCs? I’ve already done some digging. Anywhere fast (seeing long turnaround times)

Also what are the must haves? If I get a good graphics card do I need a robust CPU?


Where are you located and basically what’s your budget?
It might be a strange time to build a computer. There are good options for many parts, but the most important for Blender, which is the GPU, is very hard to get for a reasonable price.
If I had to build a pc for me right now, I would probably go for a branded pre-built rig, accordingly to my budget. That’s the easiest way to have access to a high-end gpu for a reasonable price these days.

I’m in the USA in NYC. Budget 2-3k. I wasn’t wanting to actually build myself. More place an order say on picking the specs for them to build.

Suggestions on minimum on cpu/gpu?

OK. I saw their site. I’ve made a custom build as a guide. Total cost around 2945$

I ordered a custom PC from CyberPowerPC in late February and it’s due to arrive on Monday. It’s got an i9 processor, 32GB ram, 500GB SSD + a 3TB mechanical drive, an RTX3080 10GB, and it’s liquid cooled. I paid $2777 including tax.
I know many people don’t like CyberPower due to their customer service, but I haven’t had any issues (yet) and this is the second PC I’ve ordered from them.
I’ve owned Dells in the past without problems, but I wanted to customize mine and get exactly what I wanted instead of settling for what Dell offered.
Origin is good I hear, and so is iBuyPower. My advice is to read the forums from each company to see what their customers are saying.

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Thanks for this very helpful!!!

Good to know.

Someone just said the M1 chips on the new macs will be game changers. Know anything if that? Seems like blender isn’t fully supporting that chip at the moment.

I don’t know anything about Macs other than they are out of my price range, and I need to stay compatible with my work computer. I’m a graphic artist and I’ve been using PCs for over 25 years.