Custom Python Menus

Where in the interface can I find the custom menus with the python functions such as “Cleanup Meshes” and “Apply Deformation”. I see them in the Bpymenus file in the .blender folder of the installation. I see group names like Mesh, Misc, Object and Wizards in the Bpymenus files but I can’t find these anywhere once I go into Blender. Thanks for any help.

The Import and Export menus are in the File menu, and the others can be accessed via the “Scripts” window (not the same as the text window, it’s the one that python program’s GUI’s appear in)

Thanks, perfect.

Or more conveniently, in the Mesh and Object menus on the 3D view header. This is documented in the release notes.

broken: I had found those, I just noticed in the Bpymenus files that there was a lot more hiding somewhere. Glad I know where they are now, though.