Custom Ragdoll v1

hello yall im makin a new game i dont think ive seen one before.

ive got a few preset characters with a special move:

bruce lee - stomp

chuck norris - double speed + health

m. bison - flight

hulk - hulk smash (lol)

bushido brown - back hand

benny the jet - jet kick

nacho! - standing kick (lol)

mr. t - dunno yet… something to do with foos (lol) maybe a taunt? that makes the oponent jump?

steven segal - i would make him able to break arms, legs or necks but thats kinda hard with ragdolls =P instead i made his pony tail a weapon (lol)

jean claude van damme - the splits (lol)

optimus prime - dunno yet… maybe a beam sword?

i think thats it but theres more to come… at your request =P

anyways. like the name of the game says. you CAN make your own ragdoll =OOO

theres 2 stock characters with customizable head for the first one:

-pending- (maybe a mohawk)

white T
white T w/ overalls
scenekid sweater
-pending- suggest something
-pending- suggest something

black pants
white pants
skinny jeans

for the second character:

mohawk (small)
white hat
army hat

shirtless w/ black gloves
shirtless with steroid arms (lol)
-pending- maybe a shirt this time =P
-pending- i know your thinking what i am…ROBOT ARM =)

white pants
army pants w/ black boots

im thinking of adding sliders to be able to change the color of your clothing but i havent been able to figure it out yet.

ive added a smashbros. style camera (many thanks to andrew) which got me thinking again…smashbros characters?

destructible environment on the way. so far ive got boxes with health pickups in em.
maybe some weapons too? wouldnt be too hard.

ive only made one level so far but its pretty big. its a house. a doll house to be exact =P
1 washroom
1 kitchen
2 bedrooms
1 living room
1 storage room

if u have any suggestions please post them.
im not quite ready to put up screen shots but i will in a little while.

Well all I can say at this stage that you have put much thought into this idea, and your organisation skills is quite good. Now to put this into good old fashion work and makin’ it work . . . once I get your screen shots I will be able give more of a critic. Congratulations on choosing blender dude!