custom sci fi weapon

Hi heres a quick post showing what i have been working on the past two days. i have currently finshed the high poly and a low poly and unwraped. I plan to bake the normals and start texturing tommorow. btw some of the detail in the image below is floating geometry that will be baked onto the low poly


Any chance of a trigger?
Or is it so high tech it fires by mind control?

I think it looks gnarly. But the sarcastic dude is right, it probably needs a trigger :slight_smile:

heres an update the screenshots in realtime blender viewport. please comment or crit it is extreamly helpful


Wireframe and poly count? Nice model though. Would make nice fps.

thanks for the comment heres a wire and the poly count is 4094 quads or 7804 tris. could be optimesed abit but its pretty low for current games tbh.


It is totally unsafe to ignore the trigger guard. The weapon can be discharged accidentally.