Custom Shaders (Nodes)


So I came across while searching on the forum upon some threads that I created in the past and I “found” these posts about matcaps, cubemaps and shaders:

Does these Custom Shaders use only nodes?
Because I’ve see some of HG1 that kind of use script together (It’s only in some cases necessary?)

I ask that because I found those nodes, that really fit with what I was looking for, but “I don’t like” the idea of just getting and using it without understanding how it works, it feels bad. Well, I understand a little, but not too much. Also understanding could let me put more tricks, maybe.

There’s any tutorial or guide on the nodes, on how to connect wich node properly? Or the way to learn is to connect and see the results?

Thanks in advance.

There are two ways of creating “advanced” materials in BGE:

  1. GLSL
  2. Nodes

GLSL has the advantage of being really flexible, but has some limits in BGE (cannot receive shadows). It’s also quite challenging to learn. For more details see this wikibook. These are the “scripts”
Nodes are oftentimes easier to use, but you can end up with node spaghetti if you’re not careful. There’s no really good tutorials on this (or if there are I haven’t found any), so I’d suggest opening up the node editor and start plugging things together. grey dots are values, yellow ones are colors and blue is vectors.