Custom Shape gets rotated and scaled when attached.

I’m trying to use a custom shape with some extra rigging that I’m adding to the Rigify rig. I’ve gone into the layer with the Rigify custom shapes and added a simple circle that I then attach to a bone that will drive the eye rotations. The thing is, that custom shapes comes in much smaller and rotated 90 degrees. I’m just wondering why this is happening. It doesn’t effect this particular rig, but if I needed something that also rotated, this would break it.

I’m thinking maybe I’m missing a button or check that tells the shape not to take the transform of the bone? If so, can someone please let me know where that is?

Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the shape always takes the transform of the parent bone. This makes sense because the bone shape is the bone. I have a trick for adding shapes to bones so you can edit the bone shape more easily but I cannot remember it off the top of my head so I’ll have to go look at my script to see how I did it. It involved putting Copy Rotation, Copy Location, and setting the scale on the bone shape.