Custom shapes disappear


Like in topic, just disappearing bone shape’s. I don’t link object’s, I append it. It alway’s reset and remove shape object from scene. In console I get :

“ID user decrement error: (here shape names)”

I try everything what I can, can anyone help, without shapes, I cant animate. Rig was made with rigify somwhere January this year. Rig work’s, shapes are still reseting.


Did you append the objects referenced by the Bone Shape parameter? Unless they exist somewhere in your Scene(s) they will appear to be missing. Sorry if I misunderstood your explanation.

Everything is in scene when appended, after saving and reopen, shapes and shape objects just disappear.
I don’t link anything, everything is ok, only after reopen saved file, just pufff, reassigning also doesn’t work, the same scenario, reopen and puff.

I think this is something that can’t be analyzed without seeing the file, can you post a .blend?

But don’t open it, start new scene and append from “OBJECT” folder in blend file.


Hope You can help

Sorry, I’m not going to d/l another app just to get your file. How big is your .blend? Maybe try

Sorry for that, speedy work’s well, propably some type of advertise show up, anyway, below link to pasteall:

I’m sure speedy’s works OK but it requires a download app to work. Pasteall is more friendly in that regard. I have the file but can’t look at it right now as Blender is ultra-busy with a large and very RAM-hungry rendering for a job, but I’ll get on it soon as possible. Maybe someone else can take a look also.

Thank You very much for Your concern. I will wait, because this is very strange behavior.

I opened your file and took a look at the rig and the WGT- shapes, all in order. I then appended the rig (and only the rig) as an object to a New file, and that brought all the shapes along with it, as expected. Everything seems to work fine. I then closed out that file with the appended stuff, and then reopened it – all was still in place as I left it.

Not sure where your behavior is coming from since I can’t replicate it, but take a look at your User Prefs, perhaps there is some setting or option that is affecting the persistence of the WGT- objects?

I’ve attached my file with the appended rig: Postac_1_test.blend (958 KB)

The same thing, after resaving “LIB error” and shapes are gone.
I load factory settings, cleanup Blender config, doesn’t work. I don’t know what is wrong.
Have You Blender form, org graphicall?


Wait, I somehow get work it with Your setup. Now it stay’s, I don’t really know what it Was, and maybe is, but work’s.
You help me a lot, thank You very, very much chipmasque!!!

Best wishes,

I’m using the 2.68a release from, build r58537

It still occurs, few time was fine, and now puff, "object’s lost from scene: “scene”.
But Your setup chipmasque is good, i just need to reimport rig. Good that this job is a quick one.

My rig has the same error: all the shapes show the ID user decrement error, I’ve isolated the problem.
The error occur when I go into the Game engine (key P): after this every shape that had 2 users, now have only 1. I press again P and then every shape has 0 users, if I save and reopen Blender deletes them…

Any explanation or idea?

@ sparazza: If this can be replicated in a separate file, submit it to the bug tracker, it sounds very buggish to me.

Yep, it can be replicated in Blender 2.68.5 SVN. These are the steps:

  • New file
  • New shape (a circle bezier should be fine) or new mesh (a cube)
  • New armature
  • Select Bone
  • Bone panel
  • Custom shape : Circle or Cube
  • Check the number of users in the Circle(or cube), should be 2
  • Press P to play, ESC and check the users(deselect and reselect the shape or cube), should be one. P again and we are at 0 user
  • If you save and reload the circle or cube should have been gone forever… :eek:

I will submit a bug ASAP