Custom Shapes for Bones


I’m new to blender and I was wondering how to get custom bone shapes into a armature?
I searched the web but didn’t find anything on the topic?
I’m using blender 2.44 on WinXP

It’s actually fairly simple: First, get your armature into “Pose” mode, then go to the Editing Menu (F9), you should now see a box for “Armature Bones”, within that box is one labelled “OB:” just put the object name of your custom bone in that box. That’s it.

On a side note, you may have to tweak the custom bone object a little in editing mode to make it be rotated and aligned properly. The custom bone populates based on its own center (the pink dot) and the root of the bone you are using it for.

A good idea is to create the custom Bone shape in the sam e window you created the bone in.
E.G. If you created it a bone is side view (3) Create the shape in the same view and there should be less tweaking to do.
Saying that there still may be a small amount of tweaking to do.

When using Custom Bone Shapes (I’m new doing this), I find that the object displaying as Bone in Pose Mode, gets really Huge - I go back to edit mode, resize the Bone, but sometimes I really need to resize it to the point it gets almost invisible while seeing the main Rig;

My question is, how to prevent this? Is there a tutorial for Custom Bone Shapes (already been in Wiki.blender )? I want to understand how to use properly this feature, I dont want to tweak the Bone or Shape in Pose mode, of course it would be easier, but If I’m rigging for animation, I use a lot the “rest position” so this isnt suitable for Animation propouses.

  • How can we create a object, in a way, that the size is immediatly sized as the substitue bone or from the size we initially created it ?! How to do that ?

If someone could help me out on this, I would apreciate it a lot!