Custom Skybox

Hello All,

I’ve created skyboxes before using images downloaded from the internet, but my next project requires that I have a skybox that surrounds my study area. The only tut’s i’ve found are on the modelling part of the Skybox and I was curious if anyone knew of on that describes the creation of the 5 images needed.


Mark Groulx

You mean you have to capture/make a skybox from a realworld environment? In that case, your best bet would be to stitch some photos together using a panaroma software, and then somehow paint in the zenith.

Therre are camera lenses that will do it for you. Just type QTVR into a search engine and you will definitely come across the hardware. As far as freeware to stitch the images give Panotools a try.

…Which reminded me, you can use a chrome sphere and a camera to achieve the same effect. A chrome ball will reflect the almost the entire environment (except the bit that’s directly behind it from camera’s point of view.) and by capturing it, you can ‘unwrap’ the image into a skybox cubemap. Like so.

I am a few days from being able to get out to my sight, but I will be sure to post how things are coming along once I have some progress.

Thanks again