Custom Sports Car (After F1 Challenge)

Well, now that the 2009 F1 Challenge is over, It’s time to use the skills I learned.
I learn a whole lot through the F1 challenge, both from the online discussion boards, and especially from watching the other contestants.
One thing I found really helpful (and I highly suggest trying it), was completely modeling everything before texture. In the past I have always done texturing and modeling side-by-side, but what always happened was, I would get really confused by why my model didn’t look right, because I couldn’t see the modeling problem through all the textures.
So, now I’m taking all the techniques I learned from the F1 Challenge and applying them to a sports car I’ve been wanting to make.
I’ve been working on it for a couple days now.
Here’s my first couple renders.


WOW looks great, im late too :frowning:
ahh, well theres always next years.

amazing… even without textures this looks great

today I did some more work on the interior.


Whoa! Very nice work.

Looks slightly cartoonish, but considering you did it all by yourself, its quite impressive.

Modelling could be neater in some places, especially the interiors.
Use edge loops for sharp edges.

Best of luck!!

ohh, nice keep it up!

hey, I’ve been gone for a while with vacations and such, so I haven’t been able to do much work lately.
I’ve almost got the primary modeling where I want it.
Recently I’ve done some work on the materials and shaders.


nice, you tried yafray?

nice, you tried yafray?

No, just blender internal.
I’ve always liked the internal renderer, so I’ve never taken the time to learn how to use yafray.

Very nice,though I think that the hood of the car could have some sharp edges.