Custom Stratocaster

I think this is pretty self explanatory, so here’s the pic.

Wow, good work! The background is neat, and the finish on the guitar is great! Good detail too. Any chance of a hi-res upload?

How would you like to write an article for Blenderart magazine describing how you created such nice materials?

hehe, thanks guys. the materials are pretty basic, really. just a matter of tuning the spec, hardness, reflection, and raymir values. the sunburst finish on the guitar was painted with blenders own paint tools. I started off by painting it yellow, then switched to dark blue, adjusting the fallof and brush size, and just followed the edge around. then i switched to black, and a slightly smaller brush and traced around the edge again. It’s lit with 1 area lamp, and 1 regular lamp.

Hey! I was thinking that would be nice if you put some writing on the guitar neck (place where you tune the strings), you know what I mean ( FENDER stratocaster) or something else?. Of course castome guitar dont have to have it, that was just an idea.

Sorry Its me again! Can.t see the place where a tremolo bar goes. VERY important part if you are a guitar player.

there is no tremolo assembly on this one, some people actually prefer not to have a tremelo, so as not to inadvertantly detune the guitar while playing. i am not such a person, but the guitar i modelled this from was such a guitar.
my own guitar has two humbuckers, with a single coil in the middle, plus full whammy assembly, with pearl white body and black hardware and neck.

haha u werent kidding when u said u made one 2!

Sounds sexy Modron :slight_smile:

(Got my first real SIX string…)
I wouldn’t buy it though…
Not enough scratches!
Looks like nobody’s ever played it.

I must say ive never liked the stratacoaster design it just seems boring to me…

speaking in a model sense its perfect, nice finnish and beautyfull modeling…