custom studio lights

Hey there! I’m trying to achieve studio lighting. I really like how this is done in Khdr LIGHT Studio. But I did not find tutorials except that it was done with a vertex Paint. Please, maybe you have an idea how to make lighting setup faster and more native. It would be great to have such an addon in a blender.
Firstly, I created a mesh Plain and added to it the material glow with some additional settings (in the appendix). Maybe someone wants to correct them for the better.
Second mesh to bind to the target emitter.
Next, I just play with the settings of the gradient in the material of the emitter and is positioned mesh emitter.
I’ll be happy to read any comments. Thank you!

p.s. sorry for my english. I translated with the help of google translator.:RocknRoll:

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I took the model of blend2cap vehicle and tried to create lighting my way. Thank you, blend2cap