Custom Transform Orientation Axis Rotation Control


I’m having real issues trying to get the xyz axis in the correct orientation when defining a Custom Transform Orientation.

I’m currently starting to model a building which has many walls at odd angles, I generally work from 2D CAD DXF imports of the elevations by dragging a plane over them and loop cutting the doors and windows in. Using the floor plans only for reference however on this occasion it seems more sensible to extrude the walls up off a floor plan because of all the odd angles and loop cut from there using the 2D CAD DXF import elevations correctly rotated as reference for door and window opening heights and there locations vertically. Hence the need for custom transform orientations.

The problem I am having is being able to rotate the elevations in the z axis into the correct angle of the section of wall I’m modeling the openings in. I simply can’t get the custom orientation axis with the z up when defining them using the extruded edge as reference, if I select the face the z axis is one way, an edge z axis another direction , diagonally opposite vertices’s another direction but z is never up. I think the problem is that the custom thing works with normals direction, I have normals visible but an edge has no normal?

If I extrude to thicken the wall, I get a normal at the top of the wall and can then get a correctly orientated custom transform axis with z up but then the loop cut tools fail to deliver, where too walls join on a corner or angle I mitre the corners using the solidify selection python script, which means the crap loop tools in blender cut loops sheared pro rata the further you cut from the mid point of the extruded wall because of the miters ie the outer wall skin is wider than the inner wall skin.

So either way I crap out with what appears to be crap modeling tools unless I’m missing something?.

I either can’t get a correct custom transform and can’t rotate it into the correct orientation because it’s fixed to normal’s direction and there is no normal available OR I can get the z up by thickening the wall first but the loop cut tools won’t cut through a object correctly. ie constrained to an axis, a door or window opening doesn’t have sheared sides and the loop cut tools should allow me to cut through without shearing, constrained to an axis local or otherwise?

I have a work around to the sheared loop cuts, but it’s a total PITA, if I loop cut each end of a wall close to the corner miter then select the back vertical edge of the loop cut and grab it constrained to the local transform ie xx or yy and snap it using the dynamic snaps to the vertice of the front corresponding vertical edge I remove the shear, do this both ends of the wall near mitered corners, then I can do any number of loop cuts in between those two corrected cuts with no shear as the ends are not sheared. What a load of bollocks. Blenders powerful modeling tools in action. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ve followed so far and would appreciate so advice. thanks

It was a very long explanation!
Can you post an image of the problem an draw on it the result you whant to achieve?

Hi yellow,

Possible solution below:

  1. Extrude outline up
  2. Recalculate normals outside
  3. Solidify selection to wall width
  4. In Face select mode Select one wall face and hit CTRL+SHIFT+C
  5. Dialog showing Custom Orientation/Add and use Face (Give name if you wish)
  6. Loop cut vertically press 0 for your percentage
  7. In Edge select mode select edge ring ALT+RMB
  8. Use transform widget in 3d view to slide your edge loop
  9. Loop cut again but press P to change mode to proportional
    (NOTE: if step nine gives you a skewed edge hit F after P to flip and it should be parallel to first cut)

Have added image of the proportional loop cut working.

Hope this helps?

Kindest Regards,


Whoops forgot image…:o


Thanks guys

Syziph, yeah would have done images and screencap but went through the pain of description. :slight_smile:

pixeltwist, thanks for the work around, it’s pretty similar to my work around too but I’ll try it for sure and your image shows exactly the problem / workaround. :slight_smile:

I’m reassured then that the problems I’m having can’t be resolved with, ’ You simply do this ’ or ’ just press the whatever key combi ’ and that the Custom Transform Orientation feature is not flexible enough to rotate the axis or that the loop cut tools offer enough options and are not flexible enough. :frowning:

It’d be good to see the dynamic snapping feature integrated into the loop cut tool and made more flexible to allow cut positioning by dynamic snapping and to be able to just cut and cut until finished instead of having to guestimate how many cut’s you want first and then move them manually and cut constrained to an axis global, custom or local. :slight_smile:

oh well. :slight_smile: