Custom tricycle.

More mechanics work, slight move away from my car projects but not too far. :wink:

I wanted to make some kind of custom chopper that runs on a car engine with lots of candy paint and chrome work. This is the result: DOHC Honda 1.6VTi VTEC engine producing 165 BHP, 245/30/17 low profile Michelin tyres on custom 17" wheel rims with Peugeot logo that shouldn’t be there. :< (Although with the induction kit, throttle bodies and 4 to 1 manifold and decat pipe, she should be pushing 270BHP+.)

Please click here to view.

Feedback is greatly valued no matter who offers it. Please be harsh if need be.

Oh, except the reflectivity of my paint material, if it’s too reflective look at the photo’s of my real car on my website for comparisons.

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Nice so far. Needs more detail on the engine, though.

Strange, when I think of tricycle, I think of something a little kid would ride, but I won’t be buying one of these beasts for my son…:stuck_out_tongue:


It looks pretty cool. Here is what I think:

  1. I think the front tire should probably be more narrow. This trike would be hard to turn I think, unless it has power steering.
  2. The area under the seat seems a bit empty. Yeah, I know that’s where the engine would go, but still, it seems empty, but I’m not sure what you might put there (maybe the power steering?). Or route the exaust through some big chrome pipes towards the front and then off to the sides under the seat.
  3. If someone was sitting in the seat, i don’t know if they could reach the handlebars, they seem too wide and too short, based on where the seat is, and where the foot pegs are. Also, in that position the rider would want some back support to avoid getting burned on the engine. This is based on my idea that it seems that the driver would be in a really strange position sitting on this, legs way out in front, but sort of lying back, and trying to hold themselves with their arms. Maybe I imagine it wrong, but it seems like it might be uncomfortable.
  4. The wires coming off the handlebars seem to be magically suspended in the air. More likely they would be attached to the handlebars and forks, or inside. The one to the back looks way better to me.
    Overall I think that model is sweet. Feel free to ignore everything I say.