Custom UIs in Blender 2.5.3???

Hey, in Blender 2.5.2, I would just copy my .B25.blend into the .Blender folder.

In 2.5.3 (I used the zipped file) I have no .Blender folder.

So, how do I move my custom UI over to Blender 2.5.3?

Anyone know?

The “.blender” dir has been replaced by a version specific folder… in this case “2.53”

The custom UI file name has changed from “.b25.blend” to “startup.blend” and resides in the “2.53/config” folder.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend just opening or copying your .b25.blend file and setting that as the default.

Much has changed and using an old .b25.blend can screw up some of the new stuff. e.g, when I tried to do that, the new sculpt tools and icons wouldn’t show as the old sculpt tools and their settings are stored in the .b25.blend file as well. All I got was the old 2.52 sculpt tools (no nudge, no flatten, etc) and they all used the same icon pic instead of the fancy new ones.

Ran, thanks for the info.

Now I just have to remember all of the changes I made, I guess!

Have you tried exporting the setup into a file and importing it? Does that work?

Sorry for the later reply…
nope, never tried… I don’t change nor assign new hotkeys though.
The most tedious thing for me was all the paths…

You could try… if nothing else, you could at least use the .py file as a list of all your changes if it doesn’t work. :slight_smile: