Custom Vehicle WIP

Well, it’s been about 6 days into this project. I’ve used Blender for only a Month now. :[ There are a couple things I need help on. Take a look. Day 1…I started drawing the concept. Afterwards, I began to model on Day 2

Day 3, I worked on it some more.

Day 4, I think it’s the best, most “stable” model out of them all right now.

2 Days later, on Day 6, I added a basic interior. I removed the door though, since I decided to raise the floor a bit…

Now there are things that I need to fix, but I don’t know how to do so.

All the normals are facing the same direction --outwards. Is it because of the low polygons that the edges are kind of sharp? If you look at the red circled spots, you can see a bit of bending. How can I get rid of those?

Another question: You know how some movies/commercials have a car driving straight at the camera, with its headlights glaring at it and blinding the screen? How do you I do that? I was thinking of placing a plane in front of the camera and giving the plane some kind of material to replicate the effect.

Are you recalculating the normals in edit mode? …Mesh… then Normals…recalculate? You remind me of myself just starting out. I have a bike that looks exactly like your car .blend file. Let me see if I can find it. Also your sky is right out of a skybox file…but your just starting and if you keep it up you will learn…Do you know how to use subsurf and Shift “E”? look into this…it will help…When working with meshes…try going to F9…your steering wheel…set it to set smooth…or look for the “Modifier” Panel and set it to subsurf…and watch how the objects change shapes…or smoothes them out…try it…In object mode, select your steering wheel. Hit “F9”, then select Add Modifier, then “Subsurf” or set smooth…see what happens…

It looks like you used ‘set smooth’ without the subsurf modifier.

And I bet you have a ton of triangles in the mesh. They can cause those strange shadows you see in solid mode.

edit: One more thing you might want to fix, align the wheels in the same direction, otherwise the car won’t get far. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! :smiley: Well, I went into edit mode to flip any inward facing normals. If I select all and recalc outside, things get messed up again. Yes, I know about subsurf :]. Thing is though, the steering wheel is one whole object, and I only want to subsurf a certain part instead of the whole thing. I’d like to keep some parts solid.

If I apply a subsurf to the car’s body, it ends up…getting smaller. Which then shows the interior. Am I supposed to use the crease to pull it out? If so, how do I that?

I also want to keep some parts solid, untouched by subsurf, but all surrounding faces to be affected.

Thanks a bunch. :]

To Mazui:
xD. Yes, I left the wheels like that as a guide. It’s the maximum rotation a wheel can turn. I want to fill in the bottom but leave an area for the wheel to turn, but I don’t know how to do that either. T_T. I am very noob.

You can subsurf any object to make it smoother…whatever…and then in edit mode if you hit shift E and drag your mouse (or middle wheel…) it will allow how much subsurf is applied. I think if you just highlight what vertices you want to drag the shift E to it will only pull out those vertices…or it will only subsurf those vertices

dunno if this was suggested or not, but you may want to google the edgesplit modifier (lets you choose what edges are supposed to be sharp)

WAMBreaker: Thank you for the tip on edgesplit! It’s helps get rid of those strange shaded faces. As for subsurf and crease, I’ve figured it out! Thanks for the help from you two. I can combine these two methods, right?

On second thought, now I have more problems… I keep on trying to get the right crease for subsurfs, but I always end up with this.

Greybeard’s videos are old, but I still think they best describe how to work with subsurf.

I think you should download and watch these two for your current project:

Okays, thank you. I’ll post back updated results after I watch the vids and apply some edits.

Wooh! Thank you! Here I am now.
I can fix up the faces later, but it gets laggy in edit mode due to the subsurfs.
I want to create that dusty lights effect, but how do I do that? Im sure it has to do with particles…