Custom Zone of the Enders Orbital Frame

I’ve been working on my second 3d model (a stick man being my first :P), And here is so far. Its an custom orbital frame based on the anime and games ‘Zone of the enders’.
The groin and head armour are incomplete and the leg and arm armour are yet to be started along with the wings.


wow. thats pretty good, so far. no crits from me yet :wink:

and I like your username :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to see a render.

Ahh, I freaking loved that game, it was way too short! Nice model so far!

lol nice…but weird placce to have something stickin ou there ha XD

love the game, looks really cool

is it true that they may be one for PS3?

what is your model for? your own game?

@Yoda Almighty: Thanks, I like meh name too XD, gotta love ze moogles lol.

@supermajic: I’m going to, but i wanna finish the model first :stuck_out_tongue:

@dudewithasock: ZOE was short but was packed with kickass gameplay :P, glad you like the model so far too.

@blender spartan: The cockpit (the protruding groin object is present in all of the official orbital frames. Its like a trademark for them ^^.

@missleswarm: The model is purely for my own amusement :P, but If I had the time, I may make it into a game. As for the ZOE 3, theres been alot of rumors and the one of the staff has hinted slightly f the possiblity. i for one eagerly want it to come true ^^

Sorry for the double post, but this is an update on my model so far.


Another update of my OF, added the main armaments, 4 blades mounted on rotatable joints.

The blades are going to be beam sabers (like from gundam an star wars), and is anyone can tell how to make them non-visible for when they are not in use (for when i render) I would be grateful ^^.

Over changes inclue the completion of limb armour and the incomplete modification of the cockpit (groin armour).

Next is to finish the groin armour, redo the chest armour (make it cleaner) and then the wings.


So far, I decided to show my model rendered this time. Now to add bones :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, the bones have been completed, now all thats left is to add the text, which I beleive i will need to use something called UV Unwrap ? Anyone goo d a good tutorial for this?
and I’ve also got to find a way to make the blades and wings glow, again anyone know a way?
(I’ll post a similiar thread in the help section of this forum as well)