customer concept aka fevered dreams

Well I have a commission to do a previz for a TV company (NDA so no names). But I am well and truly stuck on a concept we have storyboarded.

The basic idea is to have tons of cubes flying around (particles and or arrays…throw in some gravity affected soft bodies too), and said cubes are like mini media players play 2 second clips in a loop.

Am I crazy or can I achieve this in Blender?

If not I was thinking of at least making the cube clouds as it were then hand animating the actual content after I had figured out where everything is going, at least if I trace something that is simulated it looks a lot more natural.

One of my main questions is how can I get a movie sequence (be it tga frames or .mov) onto these cubes first?

If anyone has any ideas I am all ears!


Boids may a solution. Try to look-up info on that direction. Other than that, you may have to individually animate the cubes.

uv mapping, for the animated texture. Get a recent build, or wait for 2.46, to use boids particles.