Customers for 3d Projects

Does anyone know where i could find customers for 3d art? I’d like to make some cask while doing what i love doing. I already have turbosquid, but i wanted to know if theres any way to get actual customers with based payments and due projects. Anybody?

Don’t limit yourself to just 3D work. Consider 2D work as well. Just do it in Blender. A great place to look for work is any local Advertising Agency. Ask the receptionist if you can talk to “the” art director.

Data visualisation and cover artwork for scientists is quite a booming market at the moment. In the Netherlands, there is one graphical design house that has
pretty much cornered that market, but I am not always convinced about their work. How to get into that market? Through word of mouth I guess. You would have to know some scientists.

This is an excelent book for the aspiring 3D artist or the professional one who wants to learn Blender, but already got experience in another 3D tool.Overall, its an excelent book, even if you are already a professional user but never used Blender before. The language is easy to follow and the examples show just how powerfull the Blender interface can be