Customised 3D City

As part of my Master thesis, I must create a custom 3D city.
This city will be a visual representation of a semantic networks of ontologies and will serve as “a metaphor” …

For example:
-Classes are buildings.
-Individuals are the floors of the building.
-Properties are windows of the floor.

3D creation is not my speciality at all , I am therefore obliged to learn , I seek to position myself since the beginning in the easiest path.

In short, my question seems to be complex, I would find a good solution/methodology to automate the creation of a 3D city whose elements are “parameterized” :
-The number of buildings.
-The number of floors of each building.
-The number of windows of each floor.

Since the creation should be automated I think that I will only will be using python scripting .

Thank you in advance for your answers.

At this point we can only offer general advice. It does seem that the majority of the work will be done in a Python script. You will probably define your own “import file” format and create an “import script” that reads the file and generates your 3d structures. Major problems you will face might include:

  • layout and topology of your objects in 3D space. If you add 20 buildings, how are you going to lay them out? Will they be in a line? Will they be in a rectangle? A circle? Do you want the final result to look like a real “organic” city layout?
  • You have a very similar problem with your window layout on the individual floors.
  • What happens if you want it to look better? It will be easy to generate buildings that are just simple blocks and cut windows that are simple rectangles into them. But what if you need it to look better? This might simply be for presentation or you might have to highlight features of the building/window to convey more information. That will take more effort to generate something like that.

At this point all anyone can say is that Blender can probably do that but you will need a lot more details before you can get specific answers.

Maybe you could try to contact the author of suicidator city ?!
He does it calling Java from Blender!

His city-generator does something like you have to do!