Customizable Armor

Hey for the project ROMAN we’re taking a note from the Bethesda team and are working on a system of customization similar to their facial customization like in games such as Oblivion. One of our modos is “Try every day to start from scratch as if we were inventing the videogame” So we decided picking from a list of armors is not a bad way of doing things but it’s been done for 15 years. I think if its not broke don’t fix it is a weak reason to continue dong something so we are making “Customizable armor” the pics below show the prototype we used to see if this would even work and with some simple shape keys we have a single object that has been customized into several different shields. the prototype only has four different shape keys so the versatility isn’t incredibly varied but in the actual game or in further tests even will be the ability to customize your armor to the point of not being able to recognize it.


wow nice models!!
cant w8 to see it textured tho,but its design looks superb :wink:
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