Customizable game

hi, i’m making a game, and what i wanna do, is when u start the game, it ask u to choose your haircut.
How can i make this? i didn’t find anything on other sites, so, i ask u to help me.
Please answer.

First you need a Mesh of a bald Head, then you need several Meshes Of possible Haircuts. Then you have to set up a Menu, and that is the annoying Part. For Debugging Purposes you may as well just make the Haircut-Mesh swap whenever you press a particular Button, to have an easy start.

(And if you also want the Hair Color to be changable, I suggest Vertex Colors.)

You can search in the resource forum for Dialog/Menu/multiple choice for questioning the haircut.

The haircut model can be changed via:

  • replace mash actuator
  • end Object/add Object actuators
  • action actuator with shape actions

I hope this gives you an idea.

ok, i have an idea, using end object on the mesh, and add object to an empty object, and it works THANKS
but, if i wanna start the game with the selected haircut? i wanna select the haircut b4 starting the game, cause the haircut is for a character

You need a Python controller to store the name/id of the haircut in a file. On game start restore this value and replace the original value according to new value.

Sooner or later you need a SaveLoad system anyway. You can find one in my Libraries and other’s in the Game Engine Resources forum.