i tink this is the right forum to post this is in. ive seen over my time using blender and browsing these forums that alot of people have customised “blenders” like the grey and orange version of the program, i wan just wonderin how one achieves this, as i looks awsom.

In the normal blender view, pull down on the top header(where it says file, add, etc) then go to the theme tab. You can customize every element of blender with these settings. Once your happy woth them, put the header back to normal, and hit CTR U. That will save your settings.
On another note, there were some downloadable themes on a few weeks ago.
peace, hope this helps

that was absolutly perfect mate, thanks a bunch :slight_smile: .

no problem.

Actually does belong in the “Basics & Interface” forum.

But glad you got your help quickly. :smiley: