customize keys

how do i make it so you can customize controls?

Tutorial list.
Custom keyboard controls, and player can save/load custom configs

Jason Lin


if you had looked in the list on top you would have found this
it is many other files in there thought

hmm i may be wrong but what i think he wants is so that u can change controls ingame… how to do this dont ask me… :expressionless:

you use a python script

the last game I remember that did this was the few recent fps’s [hell something comes to mind]

the way it is done is by having a python script connected to the keyboard sensors, which is triggered in some way [they python script, not the keyboard sensors] to change which key is assigned to that sensor

it should be pretty understandable to set this up with a message sensor for each keyboard sensor which will be reconfigured by this script, but that would be pretty wasteful [why do you need more than one message sensor or python controller when you are using python?]

so, I didn’t read the script, but I would probably set things up so that the python script was connected to all keyboard sensors, and to one message sensor. the message would contain which key [from GameKeys module, the number] to assign to which sensor [name of the actuator], and the python script would simply make that assignment if that sensor was avalible.

[if the message sensor hadn’t recieved something the python script should not do anything…]

I’m not particularly in the mood for writing code to do this, but someone with gameblender python skill should be able to in under a day.

[and perhaps you’d have that python controller hooked up to a message actuator so it could send the current key configuration…]