customize viewport - lock rotation

I often accidentally rotate e.g. in the top view and then have to set it back. So here comes my blenderbeginners-question:

Ist there a possibility to lock the front, side and top view the way that only zooms and pans are possible?
is there an undo function for viewport?

thx a lot


Welcome to the forums!

Standard views are easy to get back to using numpad. 7 = top, ctrl 7 = bottom.

Likewise, 1 for front and 3 for side.

More info here. - Middle of the page under “Rotating the View”.

Best of Luck!

thanks for the quick answer.

yes, the “numpad-trick” would do fine, but on my notebook it is kind of unhandy (no numpad). so I thought there might be a way to lock “rotate viewport” an stick to the selected view.

maybe I’ve got to get used to it or buy a numpad or additional keyboard for my notebook.
But it is good to know there isn’t a lock-button to find :wink:

(everything in blender is new for me, it is quite frustrating to look for every function I’m used to in other applications … but somehow I like blender… so I gotta learn it :D:D:D)

thanks again.


Appreciate what you are going thru - When I used a laptop, I carried around a full keyboard and mouse as well - it was the only way I could be productive at anything let alone Blender.

Sorry to necropost but I found this on Google. This would be a nice feature to add, as I often find myself accidentally rotating a 2D view port and would rather not have to Fn+L, etc to get it back (using a MacBook Pro).

I’m happy that it seems to be a general problem and I am not just to stupid. Unluckily - if it is a general problem it might take more time to solve it and I can not do it by myself :spin: