Customizeable Character

I am almost certain that this has been posted before, but my search results came up with nothing. My question: How do I make a customizeable character in blender? I have a character that I intend to use for network programming testing. I would like to be able to customize him whenever I feel. I’m talking about material, clothes, shoes, weapons, and such. Just like a real mmorpg character, although I am not trying to make an mmorpg.

Catch my drift?

GlobalDict, maybe?

the file:


character.blend (676 KB)

Im not very good at this but since I am making a similar clone of gta I know what I plan to do. Well, each piece of clothing is going to be a mesh but on a different layer. Then I plane to have just like a cube that depending on what the user chooses, it replaces the mesh with whatever clothing. Then to save the clothing the user has bought, I don’t know yet. It will probably have to save some python along with the game process so the game can be saved and loaded

Well, if you have all of the textures applied to different torso meshes, you could use the replace mesh actuator to switch em out. But yes, it would require duplicates for each bit of clothing. Shouldn’t be that hard.