Customizing B.A. with FireFox/Stylish

Ok, for those of us who find the colors too bright

AND are using (or are willing to try/switch) to Firefox,

the “Stylish” addon seems to be a great solution. (This is a comment in bolded text) while the Orange Text is a hyper link/URL.

  • No work required from Timothy and company

  • You can have whatever color scheme you like.

I see there are already two styles

I’m using the “Easy Reading” one.

I’m trying it now and it works great !

At the moment I’m changing things in the style more or less by trial and error, not having done any “style” programming.

It would be a great help for the style-gurus to comment their styles documenting what settings are controlling what on the screen.

I’ll see what I can discover, but other contributions are welcome.

I usually use Opera, and will look into what options it has, as I prefer it to Firefox, but so far the Stylish solution has been quick / painless, a tiny download and is just great.


Glad you started a thread on this…as I want to know too.
(I was about to ask in that huge and sensitive, locked-unlocked thread) :slight_smile:


I know I could google it, but since you brought it up, could you post a link? Or did you already post a link that I missed because I can’t see links?


Ah, I see it was in fact the latter. The wonders never cease around here. I hope the Stylish Addon helps.


Link’s busted.


Here it is in plain text:


Hm. This looks kinda promising. Thanks.

Just install stylish and look at the bottom of the Firefox window - there should be a new icon there. Click on it and then of “Find Styles for this page”. From there you can get three different styles.

Unfortunately, I don’t like any of them. BLACKEND is the best but it is overcompensating - it is way too dark! For what I would like to see, check out Sago’s mock up:

But make the grey a little lighter please. The current white is too bright but we only need a light shade of grey to fix it and not black!


So, before I download and try it, assuming it works on Mac, can the change be saved at all and if so - for a specific site? Or do we have to “load” the style everytime we come back to BA?

Oh, just checked - it needs FF1.5+ and I’m only using FF1.0.7. I really can’t be bothered downloading a new browser just to be able to do the same thing I’ve been doing without issue for over a year :frowning:

It automatically remembers the style.

As for downloading a new browser, I hear ya, but that “white on white” was so painful I had to take extra measures :slight_smile: And this seems to be working very smoothly, you can see the difference between links and bold.

I see that Opera has styles too, I’m going to mess around with it and see which works better /easier.

Now if the thread/post counts can be put back using this mechanism, I think “we” are all set :slight_smile:


I totally understand your frustration, but please reconsider. It is generally a very good idea to always update to the latest browser version, because the older ones may (and mostly will) have security bugs that got fixed in the meantime. And once a security bug is known, it simply is too dangerous to continue using an unfixed browser.

Edit: Oh, and thanks for the tip, Mike_S. I’m currently playing with Stylish, making my own BA user stylesheet. :slight_smile:

My eyeballs thank you for the info!!

I’m currently using stylish with both the blackened and maximum real estate styles enabled and am fairly happy with the results. The header on top of posts is still a bit big but readability is much improved. re-updated Another Style for ff , Blender Artists Forum: Grey
Based on the Blackened theme by “blenderist”
Couple of good functions, visited links change color until cookies cleared.
Easy to read. Needs some tweaking so if anyone can help with “time posted on main page is too dark, links are too dark” it would be great.
Burgandy/Grey/Black with well seperated scheme.

Thanks M.A.


heres another one, style can be found on, not so
dark as the other ones, but maybe you like it…

Hey, I’ve spent the last little while tweaking the style at until it’s kind of the way I like it. The colour scheme is not changed a great deal, I’ve just tried to massage it and the layout into a friendlier form. Feedback/suggestions are welcome.


Here’s my style, flexible width, light grey color scheme, orange/blue links:

Update: change search highlight color from orange to blue
Update: made visited links grey

Forum home:


Nice solution! Thanks.


Cool theme sanne, I downloaded the stylish for my firefox 2.0 and likes it.

I really like it Sanne except for the fact that you can no longer tell posts you have read from those you haven’t. Everything has gone bold now.


You can also set a couple of styles together in combination.
I use my style with layout color tweak style. Or the fullscreen black combo.
At least there is something for everone now.

Radscientist and Koba, thanks for your kind words, glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Oh, didn’t catch that, thanks for mentioning, I’ll look into it.

Edit: ok, quick fix, made them grey, please redownload. Like it?


Sanne, in my eyes you have fixed Blenderartists! The remaining problems are things you can’t really help with (adverts in the middle of the page and last of post count).


EDIT> Actually, my only comment after five minutes is that the bright orange is starting to hurt my eyes a little. Perhaps a little darker there too? :rolleyes:

I really like your theme. Top work.