Cut a mesh exactly.

Hi to all.
I have a model of an umanoid and i want to cut il vertically.
This because it isn’t symmetrical and i want it to be.

I tryed with Knife tool but i can’t positioning the cut’s line ad the center of the model.
How i can do?

Thanks and forgive me for my bad bad english.

In that case I’d normally select all the verts that should align… and resize them to zero in the plane that it’s mirrored on.

For a humanoid model there should already be vertices at or near the centerline. Just tab into edit mode, select all the vertices on the half you don’t want (excluding the ones ‘on’ the centerline) and X --> Delete Vertices.

Now select all the vertices that are on the centerline and press S (scale) and X (presuming that the YZ plane is the mirror) and scale to zero. (This makes them exactly centered.)

Now Tab back into object mode and press Shift-D to duplicate the object and again scale (S, X), but this time by -1.

You may have to position the mesh (using G [grab]) if its centerpoint is not aligned to the center of the complete humanoid).

Shift-Select the original object and press Ctrl-J --> Join Meshes.

Tab into edit mode. Press W --> Remove Doubles.

That should do it…

Hope this helps.

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No, :frowning: i have to cut this mesh because some verticies are near the centerline but the most are long far from it.
For example the chest is done with a unique face and i have to cut it at the center of the simmetry axis.


The arrows indicates some of the mesh i have to cut.
The dot dash line indicate the symmetry axe.

Uppete! %|

There’s so few faces just delete and mirror then use F to make each center face anew.

What’s uppete mean?

What’s uppete mean?

Bump, I presume.

Goto the Scripts window, to the Object menu and select “Knife Tool”, read the instructions.


I used the instructions of the script Knife Tool but this is the result!!!


I have tryed to cancel the verticies, symmetrize and then reconstructing the meshes with F command but i would leave this case as a last chance.

Exist a command or a method to start the line of the knife tool from the 3d cursor?

I dont’know what bump mean (i know only the bump mapping but i think that it isn’t the same).

“Uppete” is an “italianization” of “up” and in the italian forum this word is used to raise the topic up in the list!

You have a very low-poly mesh here, so i would Subdivide the faces near the central line, then , with more vertices, you should be able to delete the half you don’t want a lot easier. If you want to keep it low-poly, you can Merge the extra vertices you dont want from the Subdivide once you have mirrored the mesh.

Post a front-view wireframe pic if you don’t understand and I will Windows-paint its ass to clarify!

Add a Plane, scale it bigger than the mesh, and position it where you want the cut to be. Save it with a new name then send me your file to ([email protected]).



I have send you the model with the plane requested.

For all:

I have hope to resolve the problem in this mode:

  1. I use Knife Tool as close as possible to the center of symmetry.
  2. I delete the vertex i don’t want.
  3. I symmetry the other vertex.
  4. I adjoust the vertex one on another and delete doubles.

But… thisi is a long operation and i hope to do this in an another way.

Ah, if i can using knife tool exactly at the center of the model!!!

See text window notes in .blend.


But… but… this is the result? :o

If you see this model good without the anomalus verticies there is something wrong in my blender copy.

I use the 3.37a version!

No, mine doesn’t look like that. Try this:


Yeah! This is good! Thanks a lot!!!

Only a little thing… the arrow indicate a zone that isn’t done well.
But it is a little adjustment to do!

Thanks again, thanks to all!

Only a little curiosity… what kind of Blender’s version you are?

I used 2.37a for that on win.


I just tried the X20.blend file to check out the model…why is the axis rotated funny? Doesn’t make any sense to me as to why it would be. Otherwise, nice low poly model so far.

The axis rotated funny???

What it means?

If you refer to the fact that the model is created in a strange position is a professional deformation because in car modelling cad the car is positioned with the origin of axis in the middle of the immaginary cilynder that unite the two front wheels.
Then the x axe go to the rear of the car, the y axe go to the passenger’s site and the z axe go to the top of the car.

So my model is on top when the axis are set to xy, side in xz and front in yz.