Cut a plane geometry from an alpha map?


is it possible to physically cut a geometry with an alpha map ?

for example if we import this image as a plane and we want the white area as n-gon, how to do that witouth tediously redefining the contour of the area with knife or bezier ? is it possible by script ?

One possible way:
Convert the alpha map to black and white. Add a plane and divide it up into small squares. Add a Displace modifier to the plane, using your black and white version of your alpha map. Lastly, remove the vertices that weren’t moved. Of course, your resolution would depend on how finely you divided up the plane.

or open in Inkscape or AI and trace it to a svg


This is how I do it :+1:

Definitely the way to go. Remember to simplify the path after tracing so it won’t be too complicated.