cut block with curved plane

Please see attached file, fault_block1.blend, to see what I’m trying to do.

1.) I made a mesh in the shape of a rectangular block.

2.) I made a NURBS curve and extruded it into a curved plane.

3.) My intention is to divide the block into two blocks along that curved plane.

I’ve been reading the forums for a couple of days, and my dog-eared copy of “Blender for Dummies,” but I must have overlooked the answer to this simple process. Anyone know how I might approach this?

Thank you!

C.W. Crowley


fault_block1.blend (124 KB)

Convert curve to mesh ( Alt-C ) , add Boolean modifier to block object and set MeshFromCurve as Ob. parameter.
If you want to have both parts of block , duplicate block ( Shift-D ) and set Bool modifier to ‘Intersect’ for one block and ‘Difference’ for second one.
After that Apply modifiers to blocks.

Thank you kindly, that worked!
Also, I was able to do it through the boolean modifier menu, (“W” in object mode) with different results based on which mesh I selected first.

Thank you a whole bunch,

C.W. Crowley

Mesh created that way is a bit messy and another way to create such objects with elegant topology :

  • create curve and convert as you did or model it directly from divided plane mesh
  • duplicate to have two parts
  • for one ob. in edit mode select all, extrude region along e.g. y axis ( E-key>Region>Y-key ) in one direction then S-key>Y-key>0
  • for second ob. do it the same in opposite direction along y axis.

Now you have quads instead of tris and much better topology for further modeling.