Cut/Copy/Paste objects and elements

Just wanted to say “thanks” for the cool AddOn!

I downloaded the asset and tried copy-pasting my mesh from one file to another but it does nothing.

CORRECTION: It works but it’s not very clear when something is being copied. It’s confusing.

EEEnt_OFFICIAL, sorry for taking so long to respond. The addon reports the copied objects in the header. Do you have a suggestion on how to better indicate when something is copied?

It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I opened two individual scene windows for two Blender sessions and tried Ctrl + C’ing and Ctrl + V’ing a mesh in object mode from one session to another. No success.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this notification pop up before so perhaps I copied it without using the addon? I’m quite clueless. I don’t know if there would be aside from a pop-up message appearing inside the copy/paste tab.

Blender’s built-in copy operator says “Copied selected objects to buffer”, while my operator says “Copy: [object name/N objects/MESH data/…]”. The addon uses its own buffer/clipboard system, so objects copied using Blender won’t be pasted with my addon, and vice versa.
Just in case: was the addon was enabled in both Blender sessions?

is this add-on still in development/working with 2.8 ? if not does anyone know an alternative ?

I haven’t got around to porting it to Blender 2.8 yet, sorry :sweat:

I guess Blender’s own copy/paste is still pretty limited. What features are you missing, to be precise?

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in MODO you can copy paste face selections from 1 mesh to another. In Blender you can only duplicate and combine meshes to receive a similar result. Sadly this method often results in shading errors if you have custom normals on one of the meshes.

take your time btw :slight_smile: !

Well, if anyone is still interested, I finally managed to port (or, rather, rewrite) the addon for Blender 2.8 and above :sweat_smile:. The download and documentation links are in the first post of the thread.

Happy copy-pasting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Description looks very interesting! Is it possible to see how the addon works? Maybe gif,small video,screenshot?
Especially interesting in copy&paste in edit mode between object/same object would be amazing. Let say i want to copy/paste a piece of geo from one object to another, is it possible with this addon? And if yes, how would this look like?

I don’t really know how to properly do screencasting, so I’ll try to use screenshots :slight_smile:

  1. Here are two instances of blender, one with a monkey in object mode, another with a cone in edit mode. In the left window I press Ctrl+C (Ctrl+Insert would also work), and the selection (monkey) gets copied.
  2. In the right window, I press Shift+Insert (in mesh edit mode, Ctrl+V is used by the Vertex menu, which has higher priority than the addon). Monkey gets pasted into the active object as vertices/edges/polygons.
  3. I select a bunch of vertices and press Ctrl+Insert.
  4. I move 3D cursor to some other place, press Shift+Insert, and activate the “At Cursor” checkbox. The copied selection gets pasted at the cursor position (well, technically, the selection gets pasted as a separate object, is moved to cursor position, and is then merged with the active object).
  5. I select a bunch of vertices in the right window and copy with Ctrl+C (there is no default action for Ctrl+C in edit mode, so the shortcut usable).
  6. I paste the copied selection in the left window with Ctrl+V. Since no object is edited here, this results in a new object.

As for copying a piece of geometry between two objects, you would need to:

  1. go into edit mode of the first object
  2. select the piece in question
  3. copy (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert)
  4. exit edit mode
  5. go into edit mode of the second object
  6. paste (Shift+Insert)
  7. move the pasted geometry to where you want

Or, if you know beforehand that you will be pasting stuff into a specific object, you can do it like this:

  1. select the source and the target object (the target object must be active)
  2. go into edit mode
  3. select a piece of the source object
  4. copy
  5. paste (paste is always performed into the active object)
  6. move the pasted geometry to where you want
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this addon is the perfect addition to the addon “keymesh” but its awesome on its own , must be incorporated in blender