Cut Custom Shape into Side of Cylinder

I am trying to model a British Sterling L2A3 & I’m having serious issues with modeling the ejection port. The main body of the weapon is a cylinder with many different types of cuts, and I normally approach them with Knife Projecting the shape into the cylinder, then bridging the vertices and adding a few edge loops. In this case I end up with a lot of distortions.

With the cut I am also trying to add that half-cylindrical shape on the right end of the ejection port, as shown in the image. I have been at this for days and I simply cannot find a solution that ensures neat and clean topology.

.blend File


Not sure if you can dissect this and make it work for you. I did have a solidify modifier that I applied before extruding that end part. Good luck!

Ejector_test.blend (669.3 KB)