Cut Cylinder mesh out cube mesh

Hi everybody,

I’m new to blender and i got a question about it. Is it possible to cut a mesh out of another mesh?

For example:

Here i want to cut out the Cylinder. When it is cut out you got a gap out of the cube.

I have no idea how to name it so its a bit difficult for me to search in the manuals. I know it is possible in 3dsmax but i don’t have that anymore.

You will first need to get the latest build of Blender with the updated boolean features, as the current ones suck huge ass. Sorry, but that’s the only way I can say it. :wink:

Then, in OBJECT mode, press “W” and use one of the options to cut the shape out of the block.

Again, this does work in current versions as well, but with very messy and crappy results.


It is boolean operation (Select both objects and press Wkey in Object mode) (then either intersect or difference - always forgetting wich one does what.) In Blender you need both meshes be separate objects, for boolean tools. (on your shot they are parts of the same object)

And unles you really do not care about resulting mesh quality, you need eiter 2.4 alpha2 or MegaBool script(works differently).

Also, if you absolutely definitely do not want triangles in your mesh, you should model the hole first and box around it second manually. There was a flash explaining that in detail somewhere…

Thnx allot! I now know how to do it (and it should save me allot of time!)

  1. Select the object you want to cut up :wink:
  2. Select the object you use to cut it out
  3. W --> Differenct

When you do that you got a new object and you can delete the other two!

I also see that it isn’t that nice when you use Smooth afterworths. It messes up everything!

Great thnx for the fast reaction!!!