Cut darn youuuu!

:< Well for the last two days i have been using blender to model joan of arcadia but when i got to cut it just ignores me and nothing happens do any of you have any sort of answer for this please tell me.

Th knife tool only works on selected edges so be sure you have the edges you want to work on actually selected.


Lmb at start and end of cut and hit Enter to cut.


[>] Wel i had already done that and guess what ? it didn’t work so do you have any other suggestions huh?

are you sure you’re in edit mode? (check the window header, there’s a pull-down menu which tells you in which mode you currently are).

just to make sure you do everything right:

  • select the object
  • hit tab to enter edit-mode
  • select the faces/edges you want cut
  • select knife from “K” menu
  • left-click for start-point, draw the line so that is crosses your selection
  • left-click for end point (line is still there)
  • ENTER to apply cut to selected geometry.

this must work, just tried it to make sure :slight_smile: